Manually test a POP3 incoming email server

Manually test a POP3 incoming email server

Overview: Determine if your PC can connect to your POP3 email server directly, without using an email client (such as Outlook).


From a command prompt type the following commands:

telnet 110 (replace '' with your POP3 server) [press Enter]

You should be greeted with a POP3 server response, similar to this:

+OK POP3 server ready (If you don't get this far then you're blocked, perhaps by a firewall)

Now type the following:

user (replace '' with your email address) [press Enter]
pass ***** (enter your email password) [press Enter]
list [press Enter]
top 1 0 (Only enter this command if it lists messages) [press Enter]
quit[press Enter]

If you can list messages this way but get errors in your email client then you need to check your email account settings are entered correctly. At least you confirmed that a firewall was NOT blocking your email traffic on port 110.

How to run tools on your PC?
Click " Start  ", " Run... ", type the command listed below and click " OK "

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How to copy and paste from Command Prompt?

  1. Right-click the title bar ("Command Prompt") and select "Edit > Mark"
  2. Use the mouse to select the text that you want to copy by holding down the mouse button whilst dragging the mouse in a rectangle shape
  3. Right-click the title bar and select "Edit > Copy"
  4. Go to your application (eg. Microsoft Word) and select "Edit > Paste" to paste the selected text

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