Expedite order

An expedite order is a where BTOR will attempt to activate broadband on a line within 48hrs.
We are able to do expedite orders on ADSL IP stream products with the realm or

If you wish to expedite an order you need to place the order in your panel and then immediately send us a ticket with subject line "expedite" followed by the telephone number before 11am. We need the following details:

Phone line:
Customer contact name: (as would appear on BT bill) ** Please provide **
Company name: (as would appear on BT bill) ** Please provide **
1st line of address: (as would appear on BT bill) ** Please provide **
Address:  (** please adjust if NOT correct **)


BT Expedite order: one-off charge (on top of all usual charges) £160 wholesale
(BT will attempt to rush the order through within 48 hours; please note that even if they fail to meet this target the charge is not refundable)

We would require your order to be placed and your ticket to be received before 11am to ensure we can place the order for you.

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